Releasing the Attachment of Fear


Based on Conquering Fear (part 1)

By: Joya Jackson

What if God isn’t real? What if all things that I’ve worked hard for doesn’t transpire?

What if I fail? Will God disappoint me?  I feel alone, who can I turn to when no one seems to be there? Why me?

             These are only a few questions that wander throughout the minds of billions of people each day. Questions such as these invoke negative thoughts and invite the spirit of fear to enter into the center of where our emotions lay, which is our hearts. The beginning of negative thinking derives from belief systems, which is a state of mind that plays an important part in how we live our lives. When a belief is influenced by negative thoughts, fear has the opportunity to pollute the mind which could result with questions of doubt and insecurities. Doubt and insecurities can then lead to a dissociation with God which will alter the relationship you have with him. One way to enhance a strong belief system is to release and holistically free the mind from any burdening situation while allowing the spirit of God to come into the mind and heart in order to receive the love He has given us.

In order to release, putting complete trust in God is a necessary step even though it may not seem to be the easiest decision when challenges interfere with everyday life.  A popular question people ask is, why should I believe in God when He allows bad things to happen? People are sometimes afraid that if they believe in a higher power that allows negative situations to happen to others (based on their personal beliefs), God will disappoint them as well. This is not true. “All things GOOD or BAD happen for the good” but it requires a spiritual eye to truly understand God’s intentions.

Galatians 5:22,23 states that the Holy Spirit produces the fruit of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,gentleness, and self-control in our lives.

Three expressions that caught my attention in this scripture are love, joy and peace. These words are essential elements of conquering fear. God is the true representation of love and He cares about our well-being as His children; as a result He will provide protection for us. He doesn’t want us to be afraid of any circumstance but wants us to have peace and trust that He will handle every situation because He has the authority to do so. Lastly, we should constantly remain joyous that He is in control of our lives because He will guide us in the right direction when there is nowhere else to turn and no one to call.

Conquering Fear: Part 1



NAKEDiZE launched its first event the EXPRESSiON on May 4th and was a great success! There was a thick atmosphere of unconditional love as an assortment of Atlantans overflowed Acoustixx Jazz Café to enjoy a great amount of talent expressed by a few of the greatest performers and artists in metro Atlanta. The venue’s ambiance is calm, relaxing and inviting. Not to forget to mention that the Cafe’s food is so good the taste buds in your mouth will crave for more.



If you didn’t have the chance to make it to the last EXPRESSiON, You are welcome to come out to our next event that will be held TOMORROW June 1st. This month’s theme is TUNING IN!!

What is this all about???

The focus of TUNING IN is to help us become aware of the chaos and confusion in our lives and the battle that occurs between that and the Peace that passes all understanding.

We should tune out distractions in our lives, including worry and fear, that can keep us from TUNING iN to the frequency of the One who has everything under control. When we keep our hearts TUNED iN to the frequency of the Most High, we can live to our fullest potential in a state of peace.

This reality will be brought to life though creative EXPRESSiON that will symbolize a narrative of real life scenarios.

The theme and style of the EXPRESSiON is new every month… Want to have a mind-blowing, heart-changing, spirit-freeing experience? Come to the EXPRESSiON!

Check out this video from the previous EXPRESSiON performed by Seraphic Park

Seraphic Park Performing at the EXPRESSiON


The end of a year is like watching a movie with “to be continued” at the end.    We never know what to expect, but we hope for new opportunities, destined encounters, awesome success and excitement for the new year, but this year is a bit more mysterious…2012(oooooh.. .lol).    Regardless of what will happen that is out of our control(but in God’s hands), we can make choices that determine our destiny.

As far as NAKEDiZE, we have sooo many new oppurtunities for 2012.

NAKEDiZE has now emerged into many parts including the EXPRESSiON and the iOPENER.

The EXPRESSiON is a night of artistic expression of a particular purposeful topic posted a month in advance, where artists of all avenues (musicians, dancers, singers, poets, visual artists, etc.) have an outlet to creatively express a topic that will be discussed briefly later on that evening. The purpose is for creative people to have an outlet to PRISMatically express their hearts in order to spiritually, mentally and emotionally bring betterment to those who are apart of the experience. The topic for the upcoming EXPRESSiON is: Unconditional Love If you are a singer, dancer, poet or have any form of creativity, prepare a piece based on this topic to perform at the next EXPRESSiON.

The iOPENER is a 12-week class for those who want to go deeper. It is for those of us who have a strong desire to get on the path of becoming a better “i,” discovering our true worth and purpose, and becoming transformed from the inside out into our original purpose in Christ. 2nd and 4th Sundays from 6-8pm at the Hosea House 8 East Lake Dr. SE Atlanta, GA 30317

These are just 2 examples of the new things that we have developing within the NAKEDiZE…more to come soon.

To sign up to perform at the EXPRESSiON or to experience the iOPENER, please email me at

Be sure to connect with us online. Blog: Facebook: Twitter: @nakedize Youtube: Vimeo:


Hey Beautiful friends, family members & “family members,”

This will be the first Nakedize Session since school has started for most of us!!!!
I’m sure we have ALOT to catch up on and alot of NEW PEOPLE to meet….

I can speak for myself and say I have been through, learned so much and grown since our last session, so I can’t wait to hear updates from my Loves:)

Be prepared the Reveal, Release and Receive…

As always, this is a potluck, so share some delectables:)

Spiritual Nakedness// Love// Light// Acceptance// Expression// Interdependence// Experiential Learning// Journey// Healing & Metamorphosis// Seed Planting so that what happens within you continues to grow and is contagious.


In case you don’t know…



This is my take on 5 core elements of the Journey of Life…


Love, Pain & Challenges

Joy & the Journey





…This ain’t no mushy gushy, lovey dovey crap…this is a real mixed-emotional journey of the heart…




(Video at the bottom…)

This is like a dream. Is this real or my imagination?
I can’t see Him, feel Him, or hear Him, but He is so real to me.
My life is transformed. My life now has purpose.
Things are happening now that go beyond logic. Why? How?
This is a love so true that I’ve never experienced before.
I’m filled with this love, it’s like I’m on fire but never consumed, but I want to be
So I can be apart of what You are, who You are, one with You.
As I look at my position on the earth what I see in front of my face, my problems, my life and I zoom out; I am just an ant on this planet,
Then I zoom out and the planet becomes a marble
And then I zoom out and the sun becomes a crumb in the milky way
And the milky way becomes a star in a sea of stars and it goes on and on forever
And all of this You have created, sustained and control.
And even though You hold the world in Your hands, You personally Love all of me
And care about the tiny details of my life.
From the edge of eternity I’m rapidly zooming back into reality.
My life has caught back up with me.
Forget the stars and the moon, what is wrong with me?
I used to be so free, doing all I can to serve you and others willingly.
Now I’m doing the same things and they feel like a routine.
My body is there, but my heart and mind are elsewhere.
What about me?
Why is it that I know what I should do, but I don’t do it,
But what I hate to do is what comes naturally.
I still want to please You, I still want to love you, but my life has eclipsed my heart.
Why is it that in church, all that my mind can seem to focus on is what I’m going to eat when I leave here?
When I sing the songs, my lips are singing, but my mind is thinking about what’s going on at home. What went wrong?
I long to be back at that lovey dovey butterfly place with You,
But everything seems so big in my headlights.
Family, work, bills, life, real woman life, even things outside of me
Like the world is going downhill, have you seen the news?
Where are You in all of this, The one who holds the WORLD in His hands?
I’m trying…I’m trying…I’m trying!!!
I’m holding on tight to the steering wheel of my life, so it won’t be out of control.  
Hmmm…Maybe all I need to do is let go.
I’ve lost You because I’ve kept my eyes on everything but You.
I’m looking places where You were instead of following You to where You are.
My heart has cheated on You with My life and My challenges.
I’ve been trying to Do Do Do in order to please You and earn Your favor
When all You wanted was my love and all of ME.
I’m trying to love You, but I’m not letting You love me.
So I’m letting go of my life so that I can be free to receive Your love,
Grab Your hand and let You lead.
You are my first love. My true love. The source of all love. You are LOVE.


How to attain true FREEDOM…

My personal freeing experience…

“Winners are not those who never fail, but those who never quit…”